Living Creative Wellness

 Holistic Therapeutic Services:

Provided by Brenyn:

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A medicine that has developed over thousands of years, serving to treat symptoms of all life conditions and circumstance. As an empirical science traditional eastern medicine offers tried and true therapeutic results for many health conditions. With Acupuncture small single use, sterile needles are inserted below the skin to generate positive changes in a person. Acupuncture can relax muscles, calms nerves and restrengthen our immune system. Body, mind and spirit all benefit from this medicine.

-Outcall Acupuncture for individuals or groups:

Engage with therapy in the comfort of your workplace or home. Group acupuncture is when two people or more are treated per hour. Service available within 30 miles of Boulder CO

-Herbal and Nutritional Medicine therapy:

Custom herbal and nutritional formulas prepared for your unique situation. Learn how food choices can empower you to feel healthier.   Receive a custom formula designed for your specific need. Herbal medicine has helped treat many conditions like chronic pain, insomnia, stress, low immunity, menstrual problems and much more. Contact Brenyn for more information on herbal medicine consultations and prescription.

-Wellness Consulting and self care training:

Wellness counseling is a consultation to determine what specific therapeutic techniques can meet the needs you have to create a unique holistic regime for increased health and healing in your life. This may include any combination of acupuncture, herbs and other lifestyle modifications. Consultation allows time and space to discover answers to questions. Personal empowerment of people is always the goal.

-Pre and post natal care:

Brenyn has had the honor of supporting many other women during their journey engaging the motherhood process. Acupuncture, nutritional and herbal medicine can greatly aid women through this life process.

-Geriatric and Pediatric care:

From elders to teenagers and toddlers, all stages of life require different techniques to achieve optimal support. Brenyn values working with a full spectrum of age groups.

-Qi Gong instruction:

Qi Gong is system of healing medicine originating in ancient times over 3000 years ago in China. It is the art and science of using breathing techniques, gentle movements and meditation to cleanse, circulate an strengthen life energy in our bodies. This practice leads to better health, vitality and a tranquil state of mind. It teaches us to better control our reactions to stress and can improve performance in any life activity, leading to self awareness and harmony with nature. Brenyn and Mary offer Qi Gong instruction for applying Qi Gong technique in your daily life.