Living Creative Wellness

Mary A. Schultz-Williams, BFA., MA.

Registered Psychotherapist, Art & Aroma Therapist

Mary has created art most of her life, studying many forms of creative expression from drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and gem-art jewelry to dance, music and performance art. She was first introduced to beeswax as a painting medium in 1994 while interning with three painters in New York City, which inspired a large body of work that served as a deep exploration into art as therapy. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts from Albion College in 1996, Mary has shared her work in numerous group and individual art exhibitions in Michigan, Arizona and Colorado.

 In 2003 Mary moved to Boulder, Colorado to attend graduate school at Naropa University and began her work at the Essense Studio, studying aroma-art and practicing aromatherapy. In 2006, she earned her Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Counseling: Art Therapy. Mary has worked with parents, women, children and families at a local non-profit community center. She continues her career as a multi-media artist and as a registered psychotherapist, specializing in art therapy, while co-creating Living Creative Wellness holistic therapies in partnership with her husband, Brenyn, licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Oriental medicine. Currently, Mary evolves further as a mother to her son and daughter.

 “My whole being has experienced art’s ability to transcend and transform, while guiding and grounding one into the present moment. Art allows the unspoken to be heard, the invisible seen, and holds endless amounts of life, love and emotion. Through art as therapy, I nurture conscious living on a deeper, more authentic level, cultivating faith in artistic expression and trust in the creative process. I share my reverence for Nature and celebrate the beauty and strengths in each other and in our community. By facilitating artistic expression to heal and inspire, my intention is to better our world by sharing this experience with others.”